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One of the primary inspirations for the creation of Maia Directors was the perception that there is an absence of Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian talent.  We saw frequently that anxiety about whether a theatre will be able to find MENASA artists for a project would stop them from even considering it.

We want to connect our communities with the American theatre at large. We want to raise the profile of the diverse group of artists whose talent we respect and admire, and to learn about the work of MENASA artists around the country.

To that end, we invite you to tell us about yourself and your work using the forms below. We use the information to make casting, staffing, and programming recommendations to theaters.

Performer Database


Are you a performer who is of MENASA descent? Connect with us by answering a simple questionnaire.



Are you a director, dramaturg, designer, stage manager, technician, language or cultural consultant who is of Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian descent? Connect with us by answering a simple questionnaire.



We love playwrights! We want to get to know you and read your plays. Please fill out this form to make sure we have your information.

Please note: We use the New Play Exchange (NPX) to check out the work of playwrights, lyricists, composers, devisers, adapters, and translators.


For $10/year, NPX allows you to create a personal profile and share and tag your work. You can also look up plays and writers, download and read scripts, and connect with collaborators. We strongly encourage you to make script samples or full scripts available there, since we use it to look for new plays, and it is also where we point our clients when they are looking for new writers.

These lists are not public documents and will never be distributed in its entirety. Your information will only be viewed by Maia Directors, then distributed on a case-by-case basis to theater professionals seeking to cast a role you are appropriate for. You may contact us at any time to be removed from the list and we'll remove your information, no questions asked.

By signing up for our databases, you are authorizing Maia Directors to communicate your information to casting directors, producers, directors, and others who may approach us for casting assistance. Maia Directors provides customized support to artists and organizations for a fee. We always make our best effort to work with whatever budget is available from small organizations and individuals, and when timeline allows, we provide casting support free of charge to MENASA-identified organizations, in recognition of the institutions that have supported our careers and continue to do the labor of lifting up the stories of our community.

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