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EGYPTIAN KOFTA (from Kareem)

Kareem Kafta.jpg

Kofta (think a Middle Eastern meatball) can be a great halal cart treat, or a sit-down dinner with the right side dishes. I like to serve mine with a homemade lemon tahini dressing, warm pita bread, and a tomato-cucumber salad (feta optional, but recommended). 

Kofta is easy to make! 



Combine one pound minced lamb or beef (or a 50/50 blend) in a large bowl with the following: 

  • One finely chopped onion 

  • Two to three cloves of minced garlic 

  • A generous amount of minced flat-leaf parsley (stems and leaves) 

  • A few teaspoons of freshly chopped mint leaves (you can use dried too, but the fresh mint adds a real pop) 

  • And very important: the spices! Ground coriander (1 tsp), ground cumin (1tsp), ground allspice (½ tsp), ground cinnamon (½ tsp) 

Mix all of the ingredients well (use your hands). Form them into long cylinders about 2.5 inches long. 


Cook ‘em! They are beautiful on the grill (you might want to use a metal or wooden skewer) or under the broiler in your oven. I like to do them medium-well as undercooked lamb is not so bueno. 

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